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Retirement Products

Personal or stakeholder pensions
Personal pensions and stakeholder pensions are individual pension plans that you set up yourself. People often think pensions & retirement planning can be confusing.

Self invested personal pensions (SIPPS)
Self invested personal pensions or SIPP s are another form of pension. These are quite the opposite of a Stakeholder pension.

Fixed term Annuities
Until recently there was mainly conventional lifetime annuities (lifetime Annuity) and drawdown pension plans. However, new products are now emerging.

Phased retirement using Income drawdown
It is also possible to combine Phased Retirement with Drawdown Pension which would mean that you would start to draw an income from just part of your pension fund on one date including the tax free cash sum available from that part, leaving the rest of the fund intact.

What is an Annuity?
Many people understand that a pension is something to look after you in retirement. Often we are posed with the question “What is an annuity?”

What is Income drawdown?
If your reading this then chances are you are approaching retirement, and have built up pension funds throughout your working life. The most common route to converting your fund into an income is via an annuity.

Investment Products

Individual savings accounts (ISA)
Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) have been available since 1999. However, during the recent Budget, Chancellor, George Osborne, promised to improve the simplicity and flexibility of ISAs. From 1 July 2014, the new ISA, or ‘NISA’, gives better tax breaks than before, plus greater flexibility.

Unit Trusts & Open Ended Investment Companies
Unit trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) are kinds of collective investments. Individuals investment are pooled with others and then invested together by the investment manager.

Investment trusts
An investment trust is really a public limited company, their shares are quoted on the stock market. An investment trust pools the cash of investors and uses fund managers to buy a wide variety of assorted companies.

Investment bonds

Enterprise Investment Schemes
A Venture Capital Trust (VCT) is an investment vehicle quoted within the stock market, in the same way as an investment trust. A VCT scheme is created to encourage investment in smaller, higher risk companies, often including new start-ups.

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