Enhanced Annuities

What difference does my health and lifestyle make?


Approximately 60%* of people in the UK currently qualify for higher annuity rates (known as enhanced or impaired annuities) because of their health and lifestyle.

That means that, depending on where you live or where you work, if you smoke, drink alcohol regularly (two pints or two glasses of wine per day) or suffer from one of the 1,500 medical conditions that qualify for impaired annuities or enhanced annuities, you can get bigger payments from your pension pot.

Impaired Annuities

Qualifying conditions for impaired annuities or enhanced annuities include high blood pressure, obesity and current or past illnesses including diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, asthma, strokes, liver conditions and many more.
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Impaired Annuities Typical Case Study

David’s Story …

David was 65 and had worked all his life as a carpenter in the construction industry. His wife, Sue, had been a nurse for the past 30 years and had a good NHS pension in her own right; David will receive half of Sue’s pension should she die before him.


On Sue’s retirement, her income will drop significantly. Therefore, we advised David that the best option for him would be to take a single life annuity, which would save him 8% of his own income.

Health & Lifestyle


By factoring in his high blood pressure – David has been a smoker for the past 15 years, smoking 10 cigarettes a day, and drinks on average two pints of bitter a day – we were able to increase his income by a further 24%.

Shopping Around


When approaching retirement around 55% of people simply accept the first offer their pensions company sends them, when they could compare annuity rates available to them. Just by shopping around we gained David an extra 20% income than his existing provider had offered him.


Making the Right Choice

“The Pension Planner were brilliant with me,” David says.

“They sat me down, explained all the options and helped me make the right choice for me. By the end I’d come out with 64% more income than I had to start with. It’s magic. It means we can go on a nicer holiday – and I can spend more time with the grandchildren”

Because he took our advice at The Pension Planner, David ultimately increased his retirement income by a total of 64%.**

* Source Just Retirement (March 2012)

** This is opposed to David opting for the first offer his existing company put forward to him. It also takes into account that, had David not spoken to us, he had originally been inclined to provide a spouse’s pension which, in his case was not best advice.

Source The Pension Planner, (Assureweb August 2012)

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