Tim and Rachelle were in their early 50s. They were still working, but had started to think about the possibility of retiring early.

They had become unhappy with their previous financial adviser. Their portfolio experienced losses, but their adviser dismissed their concerns and mishandled the situation.

Tim and Rachelle decided to find a new adviser they could trust to have their best interests at heart.

What we did

After meeting with Tim and Rachelle, we began our advice process by assessing the couple’s financial situation.

This helped to ease some of their concerns. We used our technology and provided realistic expectations of what losses and returns they were likely to make.

Through our planning process, we encouraged Tim and Rachelle to focus on their main objective: which was to retire as soon as possible. Rachelle disliked her job, and was counting down the days until she turned 55 and could start to take her pension.

The results

We implemented a strategy that drew down on non-pension assets until Tim and Rachelle turned 55. At this point, the income from these sources could be switched off and instead be provided by the much larger pension funds.

This allowed them to retire six years prior to when they originally thought they could.

To alleviate their concerns when short-term losses occurred within their portfolio, we implemented an investment strategy that reduced volatility without compromising total return. This gave Tim and Rachelle peace of mind about their retirement portfolio.

They are now looking forward to early retirement, safe in the knowledge that they are financially stable.


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