Bradley contacted us when he was going through the final stages of a divorce. He also had several pensions, but wasn’t sure what income they would provide for him in retirement.

As part of his financial settlement, it was agreed that Bradley would retain his pension funds; his wife would receive the property, which was worth a similar value.

Bradley was currently renting, but didn’t want this to continue in retirement when his income would reduce.

What we did

We met with Bradley and got to know him, his goals and concerns. We asked him to consider how much income he wanted when retiring in 12 years’ time.

We could then implement a strategy that allowed Bradley to see how much he could withdraw from his pension fund, without it having an impact on his future retirement income requirements.

We consolidated some of Bradley’s existing pensions and aligned them in a portfolio suitable for his risk profile and timescales to retirement.

The results

We then helped Bradley access most of the funds required to provide a deposit aligned with a 12-year mortgage; this would be repaid alongside his intended retirement date, and grow the fund for when he turned 67 to establish a comfortable retirement.

Bradley also had an active company pension which was left in place, benefitting from his employer contribution. We helped him access 25% of the fund to provide the rest of his deposit.


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