Protecting your Pension Savings

Published on February 19, 2015 by Andrew

Pension Savings from April 2015

The latest pension rules, going into effect this April, will allow individuals over 55 to get as much cash as they want from their Defined Contribution (DC) pension schemes, at lower tax rates.

In dealing with the latest system, Age UK has shown fears that some pensioners might use up their savings within a decade. The group has recommended pension providers create “jam jar” tools to help individuals grasp the condition of their pension resources to allow them to handle budgets and control their cash. Age UK also advised that individuals have the ability to view a “pensions dashboard”, which could collect data from their pension schemes, together with their state pension payments, in order for it to be seen in 1 location.

The charity established its 10 year calculations on a 65 year-old that has accumulated a pension amount of £29,000. Choosing a sum which presumed the pot grows in value by 3% per annum, the organisation designed a model which indicated that someone receiving £3,000 per annum out of the fund would use up all of their money when they reach 75. Taking £2,000 per annum means that the savings pot would probably vanish from the age of 81.

As stated by Age UK, a Treasury spokeswoman said:

”The radical pension reforms are designed to give pensioners a greater option of what they can do with their funds, this has been almost completley welcomed by consumer organizations and pensions specialists. The government feels that individuals that have labored and saved all of their lives deserve the freedom to choose the way they use their savings as well as the assistance to enable them to make good selections.”

Within the pensions changes, members of DC pensions can withdraw as much cash as they wish from their pensions. The initial 25% will continue to be tax-free. Holders are subject to income tax on the remainder. Age UK also stated more action needs to be brought against pension liberation frauds, which persuade indeviduals to encash their pensions early. The charity demanded the pensions sector assist the regulators, the government along with the police to stop such scams.

With all the new pensions freedoms along with other changes, just one thing is for sure: obtaining truly independent advice on how to deal with your pension hasn’t ever been more valuable. Because of the new freedoms, planning what precisely should happen to your pension pot during your retirement is essential. This ensures that not only will your savings last during your retirement years, but in addition you’re able to be certain you’re in a position to spend your pension doing what you decided back when you began saving for the ideal future.

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