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Published on October 22, 2021 by Andrew
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At The Pension Planner, we fully understand the value financial advice can add. It is the reason we are here. And yet, only 1 in 10 adults in the UK have a financial adviser.

We want to help as many people as possible to benefit from financial advice and recently launched our Introduction Incentive Programme to achieve just that.

Keep reading for a reminder of how the programme works and to find out why introducing a friend to us could be worth £50 to you.

A £50 payment for each introduction

The Introduction Incentive Programme means we’ll pay you £50 for each person you introduce to us who books an initial meeting. It doesn’t matter whether that meeting takes place face-to-face or remotely and there’s no requirement for the person you recommend to later become a client.

If you introduce them to us and we meet them, you’ll receive £50. There’s no catch. It’s as simple as that!

Let us help your friends, family, and work colleagues retire successfully

At The Pension Planner, we are retirement specialists. That means we are best placed to help people in all aspects of their retirement planning, and you will ideally introduce us to friends, family, and work colleagues who fit within one of these three groups:

Those within 10 years of retirement

With retirement on the horizon, these people are starting to think about getting organised. They might want to know if they have sufficient pension savings to retire as planned, or what to do about it if they don’t.

We can help your friends, family, and colleagues to take a step back, examining their pension provision and the plans they have in place, helping to give them the best chance of achieving their dream retirement.

Those who want to retire now

Understanding the many different pension options available at retirement can be tricky.

We’ll help those who want to retire now to understand the money they currently have, how long it will need to last and the options most likely to provide the retirement lifestyle they want.

Those who have already retired

The difficult decisions don’t stop at retirement and that is why we can still help you – and anyone you refer to us – once the milestone of retirement arrives.

We can help people to understand whether they’ve made the right choices and whether there are better options available.

Sustainably managing pension withdrawals – especially during periods of economic uncertainty – isn’t easy, even if the best retirement choices have been made. Drawing down enough to live a desired lifestyle without running out of money or being unable to leave wealth behind to loved ones, is a real risk, but we can help.

A new way to introduce us to people

Introducing us to people you think we can help – and claiming your £50 – couldn’t be easier:

1. Getting permission

First, you simply have to get permission from the person you want to introduce us to. This is particularly important, so please do not introduce us to someone unless you have their permission, and they are expecting us to contact them.

2. Complete our introduction form

You may have recently received one of our postcards in the post. If so, simply complete it, pop it in an envelope (to protect everyone’s privacy) and post it to us.

If you don’t have one of our postcards or you’d rather make your introduction electronically, simply go to our Introduction Incentive Programme page and fill out the electronic form you’ll find there.

3. Sit back and wait

Once we receive your recommendation – either via a postcard or our online form – we’ll contact your friend, family member, or colleague to arrange an initial discussion. If we meet (whether face-to-face or online), we’ll set up a payment of £50 payable directly to you.

Win, win, win

The expert financial advice we give to you can make a real difference to your life, helping you to become financially stable while living the lifestyle you dream of.

By introducing us to your friends, family, and work colleagues, you’ll be helping us to give them the same sense of control and confidence in their financial future.

Making a referral via our Introduction Incentive Programme means that:

  • Your family, friends, and colleagues can benefit from the expert pension advice you already receive, helping them to retire at the best time, and in the best way for them
  • You help us to build our business and, through that growth, improve the services we offer and the value we provide to all our clients
  • You receive a £50 thank you from us, to spend as you wish.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about any aspect of the programme, feel free to get in touch. Email or call 0800 0787 182. Otherwise, we look forward to helping the people you introduce to us.

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